Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sarvis against a spring sky
Sarvis against a spring sky

But first a word from our sponsor...Mountain Spring (sounds like a bottled water company). Things are sure beautiful up here in Meadows of Dan right now; with Sarvis and apple trees blooming everywhere and dogwood getting ready to burst out any minute. Tiny green and red leaves are covering the trees on the slopes and it's really looking like we might have some warm weather at last. Of course the wind is blowing wildly and there's a chance of rain. I hear that Mabry Mill is open this weekend. People will be lining up soon for buckwheat pancakes!

Favorite things
A Few of My Favorite Things

So here's the confession.... the mild mannered bunny lady who wore flea market finds and thrift store cast-offs with chunky black shoes and black tights with holes in the toes? She's not real. I made her up. The real woman At the Top of Squirrel Spur prefers spike heels and sparkle to drab and flat. Brilliance and flash to dog hair and mud. Or does she? Who's really here?

New spinning/felting fiber!
New Fiber!

Jane brought a lovely bag of dyed roving in this morning, sent by Miss Babs. This is wonderful stuff, Blue Faced Leicester, merino and a lovely merino/silk blend. Miss Babs is so talented with color and her roving bundles get snapped up quickly here!

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