Saturday, February 09, 2008


A Day of Luxury
Lazy Day of Luxury

Waht to do on a rainy afternoon, after a delightful trip with friends into town? My choice was curling up in my cozy sitting room with good books, a purring cat, a contented spaniel at my feet and a cool yogurt shake. The rain pounded the windows and roof and the wind blew, but we were happy in our little corner. It's the little things that make me happy; an old tin tray, a book loaned by a friend and the closeness of the animals.

Today the sun is bright and I'm listening to old Paul Simon while I work. Already customers are wandering in out of the sunshine and it should be a nice day. I spent the last week doing a complete overhaul of Mountain Meadow Farm and Craft Market's web site. Check it out when you get the chance; I think it turned out beautifully!

After-Dinner Gardening
After Dinner Gardening

Sister-in-law Sue gave me ripe avocados from California on Sunday, and I had to hurry and do something with them on Monday. Since I was going to Danville, Monday night dinner took place without me but I went ahead and made soup and guacamole for next week and froze them.

When I was a teenager I loved having plants and did a lot of experimenting with growing things from seed. A neighbor of a friend (we called her "Grandma Yeatts" even though she was no relation) gave us cuttings from her vast collection and seeds from a very, very hot ornamental pepper that we kept going for years. I found a book, After Dinner Gardening in a used book store not long after I got my first driver's licence and Judy and I spent half our time rescuing vegetable seeds from our mothers. Avocados, however, were rarely on the dinner table so we bought the fruit ourselves to obtain the pits just fo planting. Neither of us at the time knew anything about avocados, and I had barely heard of guacamole. We threw away the fruit and kept the pit!

I abandoned my horticultural efforts over the years, ,but when I saw the pits resting in the avocado peels I couldn't resist potting them up. They're nestled by the window in the corner of my sitting room, and we'll see if I get an avocado tree before long.

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