Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Quick Update

...because I'm freezing to death in this unheated office!

Monday Night Dinner
Monday Night Dinner

One of our usual participants is on vacation (we missed you, Kym!) but there was a lovely meal for the three of us. Please note the complete absence of Spam and aluminum, although I'm not sure I can vouch for the pedigree of the baked beans!.

A quick visit to the alpaca farm

This morning I met with Sandra of Atlantic Breeze Alpacas to plot all sorts of fun activities and workshops for the summer. Keep your eyes open all over the Internet for notices!

Lovely lunch at Honduras Coffee in Stuart
Chicken Soup with Rice

And then I headed for Stuart, despite the threat of icy rain, for another meeting. Afterward, since the rain didn't fall (the sun is out, now), Charlotte and Mary and I had a lovely lunch at Honduras Coffee.

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