Monday, January 07, 2008

January is passing...

Knitting and Spinning Around
Knitting and Spinning at Greenberry House

Time is flying by so quickly! Every year I say I will get so much done during the winter, and now winter is half over, nearly. And I've hardly begun all the projects that need to be finished by spring!

Nice weekend here, with warming temperatures. I was able to take the water bottles back to the rabbits on Friday. Much easier to deal with than hauling water and chipping ice out of bowls! On Saturday and Sunday both I sheared rabbits that were born here on the farm and are just now going to live with friends. It was wonderful to see Linda again; she also came to the stitching group night and we had fun catching up with all the news!

Fun Bun!
Little Greenberry

Speaking of rabbits, there's a new bunny in Meadows of Dan. This little guy, christened Greenberry, was made by one of Jane's needlefelting students. Laveta has taken off running with her original rabbit ideas and has made several unique little characters. I love this little guy, with his sassy tipped hat. He looks to me like he's flying on an orange cloud!

And speaking of friends, lovely Kym just started a beautiful blog, Dirt Road Ponderings. She has a delightful and unique way of looking at things, and her introductory post is thought-provoking!

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