Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's Really Cold....

four degrees by the porch thermometer this morning. It might be up to ten by now!

A lot of the snow melted off on Friday, and the evening was a glowing gem. I fed the rabbits in a stillness that seemed unreal as the day faded. There was a ring around the moon that night, with two bright stars inside. Yesterday was overcast with a fuss of snow during the afternoon, some wind and then this morning was bitter. Four degrees and windy, with bright cloudless blue skies. More hauling water to the rabbits, hoping to keep them eating and happy!

Leaves Sweater
Leaves Sweater

In the evenings I'm spinning, working on that delightful silver fleece, but during the long days with few customers I'm crocheting or knitting. I don't want to haul the wheel around in the cold. I started this crocheted sweater yesterday. I've been eyeing the pattern in Crochet Me since I got the book. It's by Annette Petavy and will have lots of swirly leafy things hanging off, if I have enough yarn. I'm using a nubby wool yarn that Bernat doesn't make any more, that wandered here somehow and has stayed for a long time. There's no yardage on the skein band, worse luck!

In other news, I put up a Facebook page for Greenberry House, go be a fan if you're on Facebook! Or join Facebook and become a fan. I thought it might be one way to do quick updates for the shop and get some more exposure.

And I've been busy updating the web site with more of the vendor yarns. I'm thinking to really expand the shop this spring; I keep getting hints that maybe the book store building will go up this year!

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