Friday, January 18, 2008

Back Home

Well, I came from this.....

Charleston2008 015

to this.....

Snow in Uptown Meadows of Dan

But there's no place like home!

Actually I've been home a few days, but there's always so much to do to catch up! The week has just flown by, and next week looks busier! I did manage to shear a gorgeous rabbit this week, but I have a couple more that are due!

Charleston2008 013

I promised more news about the trip to Charleston, although it seems rather late to be talking about it. The Bed-no-breakfast was lovely, called Merhaven, and just the place to go if you want to stay somewhere and have no trouble with your hosts. We never saw them, although I got the idea from the furnishings that I would have enjoyed a talk. I'm sure that the hosts would have been available if we had looked for them. But I enjoyed being by myself in the room working, looking out over the city streets. And sitting in the courtyard. Sorry, I didn't get pictures of me knitting there; my partner got back late every day. He was working!

Regia in wild colors

And I went shopping! I mentioned Knit, but didn't show my loot. This was in the "orphan" bin; just couldn't resist even though the colors are wild. I'm thinking maybe a crocheted shawl. As I said, Knit was a lovely experience and I'll be back! And I got a bag and some double-pointed needles in sizes I can't get for the shop yet.

Home again, just in time for a few nice days before the snow yesterday. It was the first we've seen this winter, really, so it was very exciting. The dogs were wild; I couldn't hold TJ on the leash and had to turn him loose. Fortunately there's not much traffic on snowy mornings. Poor George, Dad's dog, did not love the weather!

A report on projects: I'm busy spinning a lovely fleece for a customer. I had planned to get to it sooner but time just slips by. So Page, I'm working on it! And Maggie, your web page update is really on my list for this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest! I finished Bentley's sweater; I gave it to Kym this morning on our walk so I'll get pictures of him in it later. And the Regia sock I was working on.....well, let's just say I'm a little stuck...again!

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