Monday, December 03, 2007

We Have a WINNER!

New Knitter in town
Meet WOOLMA, the Greenberry House Greeter!

It was a tough decision. The judges deliberated long into the night. But finally the vote was taken and the ballots were cast: Judy of Happy Acres submitted the winning name and Woolma will preside over the Greenberry House front porch, greeting visitors while busily knitting her cranberry scarf! Judy has been notified by email, and will receive two skeins of Greenberry House yarn and a pair of Rosewood knitting needles.

Many thanks to everyone that submitted a suggestion! There were some great suggestions (a minority vote went to "Purl" and "Minnie Purl") and it was really fun to see the creative ideas that everyone had. Special thanks to the judges for taking the time and for taking this seriously!

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