Friday, December 21, 2007

Such a week....

Ducks on the mill pond
Ducks on the icy mill pond

We're having typical November weather here in the mountains; of course it's December so it seems a little strange. One day icy, the next sunny and warm, then fog moves in and wreaths the trees and grass with ice, while the pavement gets slick in the shady spots.

Favorite corner of living room
Tidying Up

I'm in full nesting mode. This happens to me every year in the fall, when I get discontent with the way the house looks and have to change everything. Lily doesn't appreciate the activity at all. She likes things to stay the same, drifting dog hair and all!


Lily soon settles down, though, with the new situation. She's not supposed to be up on the new futon, of course. Sorry about the ghost drifting across the picture; either I haven't learned to work this camera properly or I've captured the family spook!

I have my sitting room back
My Sitting/Reading/Spinning/Knitting/Working Room

A long time ago I had a lovely sitting room in here, and I've really missed it. When I started working at home I turned it into a computer room. Now that I have the shop I can have my sitting room back. It's a nice little space, with lots of sun pouring into the southern facing windows (usually) and a beautiful view across the farm. And of course no house is complete without a cat snuggling in a comfortable chair!

It's icy this morning and I expect a quiet day. A nice bunny just went home with his new family; I'm really pleased with the lovely young people that have him. Last night was stitching group, and we feasted and talked and knitted with some delightful fiber friends!

Wendell is home from the hospital; thanks for all your good thoughts. I haven't been able to get a report this morning but yesterday he seemed to be doing well!

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