Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cold Week in Meadows of Dan!

First Snow!
First Snow!

It's hard to see in the photo but we did have some snow yesterday; two showers of it that didn't amount to anything. It was pretty as it fell, though, and fun to take an early morning walk. This morning it was clear and cold, cold, cold, with a biting wind. The moon and the stars were so crisp and close in the sky.

A big dog to play with!
We is CUTE!

We had a newcomer to our Monday night dinner this week. "Beast" is the new puppy that belongs to Trinity and Josh. I can see the beastliness, myself. The little guy was all snuggles, a little scared at first but he soon calmed down and he and Bentley, Kym's fine dog, spent the evening entertaining us and playing. Banjo, Kym's tidy little black and white tuxedo cat, had to show off with all the attention that the dogs were getting and paraded around, finally settling to purr in my lap!

Wonderful cooks from Kym and Trinity
The theme was Cuban

I can't tell you the names of the dishes but everything was marvelous! An amazing chicken recipe from Kym along with yucca and a black bean-rice-and-banana wonder. I'm not fond of cooked bananas but Kym can make anything wonderful. Trinity made some great dips and a sort of stuffed beef with cheese pastry thing that was splendid!

The rest of the week has been lovely, if not exciting. Favorite cousin and I spent a morning together, which was nice, and then on my day off I sheared rabbits and straightened the house a bit. This really cold weather makes the rabbit chores a little harder, with frozen water bottles. The rabbits seem to much prefer the cooler weather, otherwise! It's a cozy time to curl up in my big chair after chores and knit, read and crochet.

Yes, it's really cold right now!
No, you can't have it back, Mama!

Lily likes to lay at my feet and she takes more than her fair share of whatever lap rug I drape over me!

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