Friday, November 16, 2007

Traveling again...but not so far this time!

Crooked Road Band
Band from the Crooked Road

Yes, I've been back home from vacation for a couple of days, which were spent in the usual chaotic catching up mode, with laundry, house and critter chores. I got back to work yesterday, only to leave again in the early afternoon.

Mountain Meadow Crafts
Mountain Meadow Crafts table

Sue and I, along with a potter from Dublin named David Stanley (who knows one of my relatives) were asked to represent 'Round the Mountain at the evening reception of the Governor's Housing Conference 2007. So we loaded up yesterday afternoon and headed for Roanoke and the beautiful Hotel Roanoke for the event.

My Booth
Greenberry House Table

Because they are also members, I was able to take yarns created by Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm and by Linda of Wild Iris Wools. My pictures are really bad; I must have had something set up wrong with the camera. The yarns really looked beautiful on the table!

David Stanley's Pottery
Pottery by David Stanley

I'm having a month of "firsts"; first trip to the beach and now my first time inside the beautiful Hotel Roanoke. This 125 year old hotel has dominated the skyline of downtown Roanoke, literally for generations now. It is a beautiful Tudor style building and as impressive inside as out.

Spinning in socks

We didn't spend much time seeing the hotel, though, but went right to work talking to people about our shops, our crafts and about 'Round the Mountain and economic development in Southwest Virginia. I took off my shoes to spin, showcasing Cathy Clark's beautiful crocheted socks that she sent me awhile back. They were a hit, along with my crocheted scarf. The conference attendees were a fabulous group, asking interested questions and I had a lot of fun talking with them.

Along the Crooked Road
Along the Crooked Road

Southwest Virginia was well-represented with a great band from The Crooked Road that entertained throughout the evening. There was an entertaining display laid out through the room, with a yellow lined "road" leading from placard to placard describing music venues.

Reception Goodies!

And of course there were lots of treats; Sue and I managed to snag a few choice bits between visitors. It was a lovely evening and we appreciated the chance to brag about 'Round the Mountain and our shops!

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