Monday, November 26, 2007

I Have Awesome (and Generous) Relatives!

Olympus Camera
New little bitty camera!

I would know that CTG and Jagosaurus were awesome even if they weren't generous, of course. If you've seen any of their artistry in photography and have been entertained by Hillbilly, Please, you know a little bit about how talented they are. Last summer Tom came in with a laptop computer and gave it to me. It had one minor problem, with I managed to fix, and it has been wonderful to have it along on trips. Makes running the business from afar so much easier! This morning he came in, announcing that he and JAG wanted to give me something... a delightful little Olympus FE-210. It didn't work out for him, so they thought of me, since I'm using a big dinosaur of a Sony Mavica. Many, many thanks once again, y'all!

I'm still taking entries for the Name the Straw Doll contest until December 1. Come up with your wittiest ideas!

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