Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Complaining...

Autumn At Last!
Autumn at last!

And it's been raining almost since I took this picture. But that's OK. Really. I don't really mind that we're getting all the rain we should have had this summer right now.
My First Sock
Do you believe this one?

More knitting. Honest. This is supposed to look like a sock someday. We had a sock knitting workshop here last Friday. All those little pointy sticks were pretty scary, but thanks to Jane's patient teaching, which continued through a visit to Christopher's Pizza for dinner and music, I was able to get this far on one sock. I have to wait until she comes back to tell me what to do next! I've never gotten this far before, though.

Seraphina's shawl
Cards and Projects

Naturally I have to have a crochet project going. This is the beginning of Seraphina's shawl, crocheted in my hand spun "Drama Queen" silk and merino plied yarn. At first I thought the yarn might be too busy for the pattern, and I still have some reservations about my yarn choice. The pattern is lovely; a bit fussy at first but then it settles down into some nice easy repeats. The shawl is pretending to be a bat and threatening Sandra's lovely hand made note cards that she brought over the weekend to the shop. She also brought beautiful stitch markers and some awesome hand dyed yarns.

Seraphina's Shawl
Seraphina's Shawl

And here's the shawl again, looking a bit more like a shawl and less like a lurking creature of the night. I took it with me to the knitting group meeting at the Floyd Country Store last night. What a lovely group of wonderful knitters! They were very kind, despite the fact that I can't knit and talk at the same time yet and brought my crocheting along. One member, Cheryl, demonstrated card weaving. I had done it many years ago, a little, but nothing as grand as what she was working on!

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