Thursday, October 18, 2007

News, news, news

Greenberry House
Greenberry House, with Round the Mountain shingle

The only thing that is a little difficult about coming home from a long trip is catching up with all the work that needs doing and the events that have happened while I was away! Tuesday was really a catch-up day; I did everything from shearing a rabbit to planting grape vines to attending meetings to heading out to town to pick up feed and groceries. Yesterday I stayed home all day, to do laundry and clean bunny cage trays.

Dogs and home
'bout time you got home, Mama!

I was met at the door by animals claiming weeks of neglect in the five days I was gone. I don't believe them; my sitter is most trustworthy. But to hear Lily tell it no one spoke to her or gave her a pet the entire weekend. Lily is very vocal and greets me with long stories of what went on while I was gone. But this time even TJ and the cat, Stella, had plenty to say!

Spiderweb Cardigan
Spiderweb Cardigan

While I was in Richmond I finished the Spiderweb Cardigan. This was a delightful little jacket to crochet and very simple. It needs blocking but I was pleased with the fit. The only change I made to the pattern was to add one repeat of the motif on the back to try to keep the shoulders from being too tight. It worked! This pattern was in the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet and is the second item I've made from that issue.

I'm sure that there is other news; it just isn't coming to me right now. Some great new roving and yarn came into the shop from a couple of vendors and a couple of boxes of books from my aunt in Connecticut. So we're getting set for the big push of the season. The Indian Summer Days festival is this weekend. Jane from Fiber on the Mountain is coming and tomorrow she's set up to do a sock knitting workshop. I've signed up!

And we received our approval and sign from Round the Mountain as a venue! Round the Mountain was next to Patrick County at the National Folk Festival and they had a wonderful slideshow presentation of the artisans and natural beauty of Southwest Virginia. Lots of people stopped to ask questions and take brochures. And from demonstrating for Patrick County I've already received emails asking for more information about the shop!

Oh, and I almost forgot! While I was at the Folk Festival, this happened. Very cool!

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