Monday, October 29, 2007

Back from SAFF 2007

with lots of pictures and lovely memories. And lots of fiber to replenish my stash!

Lots of wonderful fiber and yarn and friendly people at SAFF 2007
SAFF 2007

New Bun
Chris and Gryffindor

First things first; friend Chris who comes down from Connecticut every year had to find some gorgeous German Angora rabbits! I had more pictures of old friends, but they're on the laptop and I can't get to them. Our motel had a collapse of their wireless and I spent the weekend lugging a useless laptop around! But that left more time for us to talk, play with Chris's new charkha wheel and for her to show me more sock knitting skills!

Wonderful felting booth at SAFF 2007
Wonderful Felting Booth

There were so many vendors, some old friends and some new ones. I was impressed by all the creative pieces I saw, especially the felted items.

Brooks Farm at SAFF 2007
Brooks Farm: Pure seduction!

One of our first stops was the Brooks Farm booth. Every year I'm blown away by the beauty of the selections here and this year I certainly wasn't disappointed. More colors, more yarn selection! We bought some yarn, then went back the next day and bought some more!

This is what Chris's car looked like about half-way into our excursion:


From Brooks Farm I bought:

Brooks Farm Yarn
Four Play: shimmering silk and wool yarn. In two colors that I think will be Seraphina's Shawl, instead of the yarn I was working with. And then I went back and bought:

Brooks Farm Mas Acero
Brooks Farm Mas Acero in wonderful shades. This skein is destined to be Spiral Rib Socks from Socks by Rota Buchanan and Deborah Robson. IF I can manage the knitting! Generous Chris helped me start them out so I'm on the way, at least.

And then we headed over to another favorite booth belonging to Rising Meadow Farm. And yes, we both bought her lovely fleece. Here's mine:

Corriedale Wool
I can't wait to get my hands in this one. The colors range from cream to fawn to gray and I think it's going to make a marvelous yarn!

The best part of the festival was seeing old friends: Elaina from Avillion Farm, Cathy from Perfect Spot Farm, Mary Ellen from ISeeSpots, Connie from Delly's Delights. Jane from Fiber on the Mountain and more folks, like Lura, Diane and others that I didn't even expect to see. We caught up on the news, both good and bad, about life, families and animals. And there was still more time for shopping:

Silk Bells from Lori Flood
Silk Bells from Lori Flood, and a book from ISeeSpots.

Black Shetland roving
Luxurious Black Shetland roving from The Rosefield

Roving from Delly's Delight Farm
Felting Fibers (for a Friend) and gorgeous roving from Delly's Delights

Beautiful black fleece
and one more beautiful black fleece from the wool show. SAFF 2007 was a great time and a fun adventure. Looking forward to SAFF 2008!

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