Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Sky....and Festival!

Saturday Sky
Saturday Sky Over the Corn Maze and Festival

Everyone is getting ready for the big day. The "Corn Acoustics!" corn maze is opening for the season and there is lots going on down on the festival grounds this morning. Everyone seems happy and ready for a big crowd, despite a few problems. The wind whipped through and snatched a popup away from a couple trying to put it up. Tom Perry of the Free State of Patrick and I ran to catch it and I left him helping them put it back together. It's standing in the picture, anyway.

We had a lovely and heavy rain last night and now there are cool breezes. I went up to Maple Shade Road to drop in on a fantastic yard sale and they told me up there we had two and a half inches of rain. Lovely! I scored some neat things for the shop, more clothes for me (I love thrift stores and yard sales) and some really cool strappy platform shoes.

Greenberry's Alessandro
Greenberry's Alessandro

I rarely have to take a rabbit back once it finds a new home, but occasionally people have life changes and it becomes hard to take care of pets. Sandy has been living north of Roanoke with a lovely lady that really appreciated and took care of him, but she has developed severe allergies to his coat and was beginning to have problems shearing him. I've always told my buyers that I will take a bunny back rather than have it be in a situation that would be difficult for owner and rabbit. And I was glad to see this boy. He's a chocolate agouti from one of my favorite lines. And his former owner and I had a terrific visit when she brought him down. Fiber people are just excellent!

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