Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did Y'all Miss Me?

I've been down with my usual fall allergies. Somehow I just don't feel creative when I'm sneezing and coughing all over the place!

Monday Night Victuals
Monday Night Dinner!

In spite of my ills, lots has been going on around here. I had another lovely day out at Chateau Morrisette, for the Pet Adoption event sponsored by the winery and put on by some local humane societies. Lots of delightful dogs and cats found new homes despite a windy start to the day. It turned out to be beautiful, though, and everyone had lots of fun with the animals.

Awhile back my friend Kym suggested we get together once a week and have dinner, so we have been gathering every Monday night since. Two more friends joined in right away and we've been having a lot of fun. Kym and Trinity cook; I bring a salad. They are so creative: we've had Mexican, home-cooking, a cook-out with spooky tales in the dark, Cajun and Chinese. Next week it's Greek!


Windy City Scarf
Windy City Scarf

The Windy City Scarf is done! I call it Windy in the Country but I might go to the city sometime. I really enjoyed doing this simple pattern and I think I learned a lot. One thing I did figure out was that knitting can really be much faster than I used to think! I made a few errors but at least I can see them. I think I'll try a hat for my next knitting project.

Finished iPod bag
Finished Felted Crocheted Bag

I always said I'd never be interested in one of those little music players, but I received one as a premium on one of my business accounts awhile back. I've had a bit of fun with it. My playlist isn't as interesting as JAG'sm though. I'm so old-fashioned, I'm afraid! I put together this little bag to keep it in. The bag that came with the thing was too little and all the wires and stuff kept tangling up with the bag's lanyards. I might decorate this one a bit more or, knowing me, put it somewhere after the novelty wears off, music player inside!

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