Friday, September 07, 2007

Boteh is beautiful!

Boteh Scarf

I finished the Boteh scarf last night, just after the stitching group meeting. Almost finished it while the girls were here, but got interested in some of their wonderful projects. Merike was working on an absolutely gorgeous cape-style jacket, while Rhonda is making great progress on her multicolored sweater that has perfect colors for her. Mary is enlarging her soft blue baby blanket for the grand-boy and Peggy was asking for ideas to make a quilt for her sister-in-law. Susan is working away on her needlepoint project and adding a lot to our discussions!

The boteh scarf was great fun to make. It looks very classy and difficult but really wasn't. I didn't like some of the samples I saw in variegated yarn but the subtle colors in this yarn seem to work with the design. This will be fun to wear, if it ever gets cold again!

I've been battling something all week that I thought might be allergies but I suspect now was a cold. I'm less drippy and sneezy today but still feel like something the cat dragged through the screen door backward. Fiber on the Mountain Jane is coming up to cheer me today!

New additons to the camel herd
New Camels

Cousin JAG came down yesterday, and we exchanged pleasantries and...things. These guys have now been added to the camel herd. Despite something of a hard life and a few nicks, they retain pure camel audacity and I adore them! Jane blogged Meadows of Dan with some absolutely gorgeous photos of yarn and the local produce market.

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