Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Collection Grows

The collection grows
There's always room for one more....

A new camel arrived yesterday, and customers are starting to wonder about me. Still, it does give me an opportunity to explain that a camel can be a fiber animal!

King of the ...Computer
No choking hazard here

And although he isn't as charmingly delicate as his predecessors, this fellow has true camel attitude. And a saddle!

More New Arrivals at Greenberry House:

Gray Icelandic Roving
Gray Icelandic Wool Roving from Green Fence Farm

There is also some absolutely luxurious cashmere, the first we've had at the shop. Astonishingly soft! I have some of their Icelandic/angora blend roving to dye this coming week; looking forward to working on that!

New Superwash Sock Yarn
New Superwash Wool Sock Yarn from Knit Fit Knitting

Knit Fit also brought gorgeous hand made bamboo knitting needles and stitch markers!

Saturday Sky
Saturday Sky in Meadows of Dan

Looks like another hot day!

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