Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Saturday Sky...and more stuff from the shop!

Saturday Sky
Saturday Sky over Meadows of Dan

The sky is almost a painfully brilliant blue this morning. I woke early, to see bright stars over the house and mist rising in the fields. Everything seemed so quiet at first. Then I realized that crickets were singing wildly in the untrimmed grass nearby and there was a soft shuddering sound far away that might have been a bullfrog's call.

The neighbors' farms look peacful across the fields, still green despite heat and dryness. The house next door still has beautiful flowers. Mine look sad and dry, despite my carrying gallons of water up every day for them. I think the concrete porch gathers the heat.

I've just been looking at my calendar for September; lots going on there! We have the Chinquapin festival coming up Labor Day weekend, and I was slightly shocked to see that that's next weekend! I spent Monday helping Sue with flyers for that, and for the opening of the corn maze. September should be a nice time to visit, with all the activities going on. And maybe it will be cooler! I'm scheduled to be at Chateau Morrisette for two events, one on September 8 and one on September 15. I'm really looking forward to that.

In other Meadows of Dan news, Sue Shelor has expanded her Meadows of Dan Farm and Craft Market with a craft shop right down Squirrel Spur Road from my shop. And Round the Mountain is gearing up, with a new community loop planned in Patrick County. I went to a meeting last night and it was nice to see some new faces, also from Meadows of Dan. Our newcomers are both artists; one in fine art and one in metal work. I'm looking forward to getting to know them!

New Fiber!
New Fiber for Greenberry House

It has been way too hot for dyeing in the house but this week I did some anyway. My shelves are getting empty, particularly of fiber with color. The blue and lilac roving is from Green Fence Farm in Central Virginia, and is a wonderful blend of Icelandic and angora that was a sensual pleasure to work with. The pink is the last of a delicious alpaca fleece from Atlantic Breeze Alpacas. I'm getting ready to price them up for the shop, and may put them on the web page. If they stay here long enough!

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