Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Report

Another Bag

I had a wonderful time at the Covered Bridge Festival in Woolwine on Saturday. There was a slight threat of rain all day that never materialized, so it was nice and cool. Lots of people came out, mostly folks I knew so it was even more fun to chat and visit along with selling a few skeins of yarn and some fiber. There are some young spinners that I see every year at this festival and it's fun to catch up with what they are doing. The Covered Bridge Festival is a really nice vent. This year's success is a tribute to all the hard work Patrick County's tourism department and other county staff puts into it!

I don't usually have the funds to buy a lot at festivals, but I couldn't resist this funny little bag. I have half a dozen bags to carry around my current projects, but there's always room for one more. This one is SO not me, but I don't care.

Busy day on Sunday; this time with people in looking for books and spending a lot of time browsing the shelves. A young mother sat down in the floor with her little boy and read Curious George to him while a knitting shopper relaxed in the wicker chair and took her shoes off. That's the kind of place I want the shop to be!

No other news; the bunnies are growing like weeds and I need to get more pictures of them soon. They'll be coming up for sale in the next few weeks; there are white ones and black ones!

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