Friday, June 08, 2007

"Stitch and Chat"

Aren't they lovely?

It was a lovely day yesterday; folks coming in from all sorts of places and I kept myself very busy with computer work and all that other stuff I should be doing. I hope to get the Fiber Femmes newsletter out today. I totally forgot to do it; no excuses because it has been busy!

Yesterday evening was stitching group night, and three of my favorite ladies came to share goodies and swap knitting and spinning stories. Barbara and I are making the same felting hand bag; she's doing the knitted version and I'm doing the crochet. Since the power was out last week I got a lot done on mine but wasn't satisfied with how it turned out. With some advice from Barbara, I worked on it again last night and am much happier with the way it looks. Pictures when it dries!

Mary is relearning how to crochet and made great progress last night, while Linda and I set up our spinning wheels. It was fun answering questions about spinning. I finished spinning some commercial top I've had around here forever. Linda is working on a major project; she's spinning a gorgeous Thistle Cove Farm fleece that she's carding on her new drum carder. She did a beautiful job with the carding and the batts are spinning up like a dream! Linda tells me she's putting her etsy store back up; check out her beautiful and fun yarns whens he gets them there!

And we had cake, and some wonderful dips that Mary and Barbara made and brought to us. We stayed until nearly dark. Linda asked me about Buford; it was good to be able to talk about him, a little, and share how much he was a part of my life.

This morning when I went by the store one of the girls was coming out with a bottle of tea that caught my eye. She said it was great and so did the clerk inside. So I tried a bottle. It's really not bad. It's called Gold Peak Iced Tea and was in the Coke machine, so I guess they distribute it. It still has that bottled tea after-taste but not nearly as bad as most of them. I think maybe I still like Arizona's Green Tea with Ginseng and honey a little better, but this Gold Peak stuff is pretty good. But of course the best summertime tea is the homemade sweet tea in every Southern fridge!

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