Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mountain Early Morning

Hazy Mountain Morning
Hazy Mountain Morning

Every day Lily and I get out of bed early and travel part way down the mountain to meet our young friend Kym (yes, she's especially Lily's friend, too) and Kym's dog Bentley for a walk up the along the spur that Swuirrel Spur Road is named after. Some mornings it is really hard to get moving, but today the air was so cool and light. Bentley and Lily romped all along the way.

Lily and Mama
Lily and me

I wish the pictures could capture how beautiful our morning walks are, with the sun coming up over the hazy Blue Ridge Mountains. In the winter we walk under stars and sometimes under a brilliant, brittle moon; those are the hardest days to get out of bed and face the walk. This time of year the sun is coming up as we walk, and by the time I head home the mountains are glowing.

Our neighbors that work below the mountain wave us as they pass. There has been some discussion in the community as to whether we're completely crazy, out walking like that so early in the morning. It's a good thing we have the dogs, or everyone would really think we were nuts!

Now I'm out and about, remote blogging at Cafe del Sol in Floyd. I had planned to just run to the bank and then head back home to work but cool breezes and lunch in town tempted me to stay.

Had a nice visit with a friend that has a machine shop here in Floyd, and am enjoying a bit of people watching over the top of the computer screen. No one else I know here right now. I just had a terrific meal; a lovely cheesy panini sandwich and some sort of elegant cookie. Very healthy and nutritious, no doubt!

Today is the first day I've been out this way in months, so I've been catching up on all the news in this part of town. The Floyd Country Store is still getting a face lift, but word is that they're opening back up the weekend after this one. Along with some other shops; I'm hearing the words "Grand Opening" here and there.

I stopped in at Angels in the Attic for the first time today, and it was a lot of fun! There's nothing better than a thrift store, especially one in an art community like Floyd. I came away with a big stack of books and a gorgeous dress. After I unloaded my goodies into the truck, I went over to the Winter Sun and ventured down the steps to see Art Under the Sun. I had read about the gallery over at Ripples and wanted to check in. Here's where I heard about Grand Openings, on June 22 & 23. I also heard about an affliction; hope you're feeling better soon, David!

My battery is getting low and there are still more shops to see in Floyd. More later, most likely from home!

Edited later to add:

Mountain Laurel Blossoms
Mountain Laurel on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I wandered up the street after lunch and saw that one of my old favorite shops, New Mountain Mercantile, was open. They were having a sale so I picked up two of those long floaty skirts that I like so much. One of them is purple (could anyone have guessed?)

Then I stopped in at the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. Diane was there and we had a nice talk about dogs and how business is going. Diane just opened Buddy's Boarding in Floyd and seems to really be enjoying her new venture!

Delicate lacy things in the edge of the woods
Seen on the Parkway

Then I headed home, thinking about what a special place Floyd County is. Maybe next week I'll visit around in Meadows of Dan, and find out what's happening here!

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