Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lily's New Look

Lily and her new haircut
After the haircut

Last week (or the week before; the days are blurred) I took Lily over to a new groomer to get that heavy, hot, shedding coat off for the summer. Usually she hides her face for about three days after she gets a clip, but this time she was VERY happy with her new look. The groomer left some feathers and shaped her coat nicely, just like a Springer should look. She's not totally right; the fur on her hindquarters is so thick we decided to take that off. But from the front she's a Springer! Almost!

Lily on the alert!
On the Alert!

That was the same day I spent dyeing gorgeous alpaca yarn over at Atlantic Breeze Alpacas. After Lily was clipped I went and picked her up, and she got to visit with the dogs there. As usual, she had an attitude and the new clip made her even sassier. We tied her to a tree and kept an eye on things, just in case!

Lil' Sophie

This is part of the reason for the somewhat concerned expression on Lily's face in the photo above. Sophie was SO darling, and Lily was afraid I might be thinking about taking the puppy home with me. No fear; Sandra (not that Sandra) wasn't giving up this little angel!

Curious Alpacas
Curious Alpacas

A storm came in while we were working and I didn't get very good pictures of the animals, but the alpacas watched us intently while we worked on dyeing some of the yarn made from their wonderful fleeces. These guys had been sheared earlier and they're set to grow lots more fiber throughout the summer. I have a fleece at home that I'm dyeing bit by bit; it's lovely to work with!

Rose in Bloom
Rose in Bloom

The results of the dyeing: beautiful rosy tones dyed in the crockpot. I dyed some Shetland for a shawl special order in the same colors awhile back; the alpaca yarn came out with softer hues. We were careful with the process and the fiber is lovely and soft.


Sandra and I hand painted these skeins in the barn and steamed them in my big enamel pot. I brought the wrong pot to fit the rack I had, but Sandra found a big rock and we used that to prop everything up. I was very pleased with the way the yarn turned out. Soft, soft greens and yellows. The alpacas watched our every move while we were working, and I wonder what they thought!

Sophie on a visit
Sophie visits Greenberry House

Sophie came by with her mom yesterday, and I couldn't resist getting more pictures! Sandra's hoping that Sophie will develop into a guard dog for the Nigerian goats on her farm. Atlantic Breeze is just three miles or so up the road, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The farm is open on Friday through Sunday for tours; I have directions and hours at the shop. I also have the beautiful yarn from those wonderful alpacas here for sale!

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