Thursday, June 28, 2007

It Has Been a Little Busy...

Casey's Wedding 017
Casey's Wedding

around here. What with weddings, festivals to get ready for, busy days at the store, moving stuff around and a day long bout with allergies Tuesday that put me behind in all the projects! Right now I have a list of things to do and am trying to do two at once; wish me luck!

A wonderful day Saturday that started out with fresh breezes and clear skies saw the daughter of a dear friend married, surrounded by dozens of loving friends. With so many sad things going on lately it was nice to gather with friends on a blessed occasion. Floyd County's beauty as a setting for such a charming event was perfect!

It has been busy at the store, and lots of fun meeting so many new people. Several young people in, including a smart young couple from Cologne, Germany. We had a very interesting conversation comparing our area to their home.

My days "off" weren't as much fun as usual. I felt bad on Tuesday because of allergies and then when I got myself together enough to go over to my aunt's lovely house on the hill a storm came in and we didn't get very much done. Wednesday was better but spent doing errands, and now I'm back in the shop, catching up.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

I managed to get the twist set on this lot of yarn on Wednesday, anyway. This is kind of fun for me; I don't usually go for this type of bright colors. But I had some strange orange merino roving in my stash that needed to be spun up, and I thought it might be fun plied with some wild colors. So I spun up some Shetland singles and dyed them in black, yellow and red. The black looks brown now that it has the orange against it but I was pleased with the slightly off-beat result.

Now I plan to price the yarn, finish printing posters for an upcoming event, type up the wedding vows for a ceremony next week, work on advertising for the felting workshop we hope to have here on August 10, and fulfill some promises I've made lately. Not much happening in Meadows of Dan, is there?

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