Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Breezes, Warm Puppies (and Bunnies)

Yarn, yarn yarn!
Some yarn, and then some more yarn, and some other yarn, and yarn!

It's terrible what I have to do on my days off. Tuesday I hitched a ride with Patrick County's talented tourism director (and assistant county administrator) for a Round the Mountain meeting in beautiful Abington, Virginia. Things are really moving along with the artisan's guild, and there will soon be a good web site in place that should be helpful to the visitor to Southwest Virginia and to the artisan in our area. The meeting went well with lots of great suggestions, and then we had a terrific lunch at Alison's, not far down the road. Looks like an old, kind of down-at-heels dinner but the food is fabulous! Then after I got home (and had a nap, hee-hee) I went down to beautiful Wolf Creek Farm in nearby Ararat. Wonderful place, delightful and charming hosts and the fun of harassing local politicians that are currently running for election. This was a "Business After Hours" gathering sponsored by Patrick County's Chamber of Commerce.

Yesterday I pulled out the dye pots and got to work on some neglected projects. The picture shows two lots of yarn I was able to dye, plus some finished yarns I soaked to set the twist. The yellow, red and black singles will be plyed, starting tonight or tomorrow night, with some wild orange singles I just finished spinning. The lilac and rose skeins are more Alpaca from Atlantic Breeze Farm; I'm loving working with this!

The picture of GREED
Greed personified!

And of course, even with dyeing, there was time to play with the dogs. I should be ashamed to show this picture of Lily with her nose deep in a yogurt tub. But maybe if yogurt is good for me....

Handsome TJ
Handsome TJ

And then there's the boy, in a rare quiet moment. After dyeing and other stuff, Lily and I headed out with Kym and her dog, Bentley, to visit the New River Trail for an evening walk. It's SO beautiful up there; we went in at Hiwassee. Now I know where that is, Linda! Poor TJ had to be left at home; he and Bentley together are just too much dog for the two of us to handle!

SO sleepy!
So sleepy!

I brought three of the bunnies up to the shop and they're having a good time out on the porch. The breezes are cool and there's lots to see, now that they're getting used to passing cars and odd noises. They were playing away earlier, but now they're napping. I can watch them just outside the window where I work on the computer.

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