Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yarns...and Yarns

Beautiful soft colors in Hand Spun Yarn
Fiber on the Mountain Yarns

Jane from Fiber on the Mountain has fallen into the routine of coming up here for a visit every couple of weeks. We have a wonderful time talking and she knits away at great projects while we chat. Socks and the "Wonderful Wallaby" are current projects. This week she brought some more gorgeous hand spun yarns for the shop. Beautiful wools, Corriedale, vibrant colors, ah! She just emailed about scoring some wonderful mohair; looking forward to her creation from those dyed locks!

Wonderful Hand Spun Yarn
More Fiber on the Mountain Hand Spun

I'm really eyeing the pink and green yarns in the first photo, and I think my partner Sandra would love the bright greens in the second one. I like to watch what grabs people; it's fun to see how different things appeal! Jane works with soft colors and bright, both with style!

Bilbo's Birthday Party
Bilbo's Birthday Party

Linda stopped by on her way to sing somewhere, and left this absolutely wonderful skein of hand spun yarn. The colors are amazing, lots of sparkle, just like Linda! It's beautifully spun and has a lot of character. She also brought a lovely skein of deep, deep chocolate!

News from the bunny barn:

Two nice litters are growing in the nest box. Lucy kindled yesterday and pulled enough wool for three nest boxes. I dug around in it and found her five bunnies; then I took a lot of the wool out to save for later and made a smaller nest so she could find the babies to feed them! Bell is taking good care of her nice little ones. I like litters of five or six; easier on mom and not so much competition among the babies.

Busy days at the shop, and now that this issue of Fiber Femmes is up I need to get to work on my web page.

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