Thursday, May 17, 2007

What I do on my days off

Spinning...and dyeing!
Spinning...and dyeing!

When it rains on your days off, and the truck is broken, again, the best thing to do it DYE!

I've been saving up this yarn for a good dye day, and this one came about due to having to cancel plans at short notice. So I dragged out the dye pots yesterday and got busy with the hand spun done back in the winter. The purple is some brown Corriedale spun from roving from Rising Meadow Farm. I over-dyed it with acid dyes. Actually, the dye was a bunch of left-over blues and purples; this is just what came out of the mix. Sort of dusky purple, nice!

First time dyeing of silk!
Silk, lovely silk, and Shetland!

The blue yarn in the first photograph is really a variegated blue and silver with hints of rose. From a commercial roving and spun at demonstrations with the little upright wheel. A nice easy spin! I'd like to have more of it; there's a sweet little jacket in The Happy Hooker I'd like to make with these colors.

The variegated fiber in the second picture is silk, and this is my first try at dyeing silk roving, or top, or whatever it is. It's a bit tricky to keep all the colors from pooling together and becoming green when you're working with yellows and blue, so I was pleased with how this turned out. The other two skeins are Shetland singles that I painted. The Shetland is from Thistle Cove Farm, and I originally intended to ply these with a wild purple single I have spun up already. But now I really, really like the way these colors came out, and may ply the Shetland singles together instead. In the meantime I'm spinning up the rest of the Shetland I have washed to dye next week, on the official dye day I meant to do!

While I was up to my elbows in dye, and the house and I both looked like we'd been through Armageddon, I was nevertheless delighted to look at at mid-day and see Colleen of Loose Leaf Notes and husband Joe coming across the yard. They braved the disorder and came in to chat, with the dogs making the usual distressing racket. Fortunately we could escape to the shop for some quite time to catch up with the news I hadn't seen on Colleen's blog. She's in the process of moving to a new server; I just checked in over there and things seem to be settling down nicely. And happy birthday, Colleen!

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