Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Sky...and Stuff!

Saturday Sky
Saturday Sky

We had a storm last night. Lily huddled on the bed shivering while lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. I didn't think it was as wild as it can get sometimes but Lily wasn't happy about it! I had to dash up to the shop to cover the books on the front porch and unplug the computer, just in case.

This morning the light is strange, and everything outside looks very bright. Inside the colors are muted and soft. There's a lot of traffic already;hope it's a busy day! I'm finally putting Fiber Femmes up for May/June; it's a nice issue!

Bell delivered her litter of bunnies, right in the nest box, just like she should have. She's a little protective of them; this is her first litter and she didn't want me to look last night. This morning I gave her a carrot to distract her and inspected the bunnies. There are six well-fed little ones in the nest: three that look like they will be white and three that should be black. Before I was finished with them Bell came over and watched me put them back. I think she's proud of them!

Greenberry House T-shirts
Greenberry House T-Shirts

I finally got some dyeing done. Not yarn or fiber this time, though. I decided I wanted to do something more with the beautiful logo that favorite cousin designed for me, and hope that t-shirts might be interesting to some buyers. I dyed them myself and did an iron-on transfer. They look pretty nice, except in the picture they should be blue instead of green!

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