Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Seen at Greenberry House the last day of April:

TJ at play
TJ: Here I come!

Is it possible for a Labrador retriever to walk?

Corriedale singles on the Reeves wheel

I'm planning to ply these with camel and angora.

The Camel
Speaking of camel....

This fine fellow made the trip down from Northern Virginia with JAG, traveling in that adorable little purple bag. I'm collecting camels now, y'all. But only the kind with two humps. I still think it would be awesome to have an alive one out in the field next to the house. Keep checking in. Little Mr. Camel is residing now in the window of the shop and I'm delighted with him. The adorable little purple bag is gong with me!

Stella deciding how things are going to be

This beautiful young lady needed a home, and while she isn't quite as awesome as a camel she has certainly made a place for herself here at Greenberry House. She may soon rule all of Meadows of Dan!

Nap Time
After a long day

Please note paw-over-the-nose look of innocence.

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