Friday, April 27, 2007

Thinking Blogs

Last week both Plumpiemousie and Riverrim blog owners honored me with the Thinking Blogger Award, and I'm doubly honored because they are both insightful and interesting writers who have delighted and challenged me often!

It was difficult to make my own choices, because there are SO many great bloggers out there, and most of them make me stop and think. But here are my five, in no order of preference and with the wish I could honor many more:

Hillbilly, Please. Sharply witty, with references to everything thing from space to palentology. Never a dull moment over there with JAG. The comments on her blog are nearly as much fun and thoughtful as JAG's original posts.

Loose Leaf Notes. Colleen's blog is as beautiful as her spirit and her poetry (and her lovely face). She ponders a quiet, special world and makes me think, too.

Linquini on the Ceiling. I'd love to just go live with these people. Or just be a fly on the wall. Sisiggy is witty, perceptive, and always invigorating! And she deserves a reward because Zsa Zsa did DOWN, no matter what the judges said!

Woolybuns. You've got to love someone called Woolybuns. But Chris is more than a cuddly read. She spends a lot of time with her herd of German Angora rabbits and her perceptions about their health and management are invaluable to me as a breeder. And Chris is interested in SO many things: knitting, felting, spinning, dyeing, and you never know what will be in the works next.

Becca and Bella. Another lovely spirit who writes about life, religion, travels across the seas and more.

As I said, there are a lot more. Some of them have already been awarded, so I chose those that haven't been recognized. So go read. And if you are among the chosen, please include this in your nominating post: "The rules are if (and only if) you are nominated for this award, you must pass the Thinking Blogger Award to five others and describe why." You can find the code for the button here.

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