Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sheep Shearing Day 2007

Beautiful old buildings on the farm
Arriving at Thistle Cove Farm

Yesterday was a day of adventure, as fellow spinners Sally and Linda and I took off across Southwest Virginia for a day of fibery fun. Every year Sandra and David of Thistle Cove Farm host Sheep Shearing Day in April and I love to go when I can. It was great to have company on the trip, and we had a beautiful drive through the sunny morning.

Getting Started!
Getting ready to shear!

We heard music on the hill as we were setting up, and singer Linda flew up to listen, like a moth to a flame! She was soon back, though, because the shearer arrived and a gorgeous fleece landed on the skirting table. Each fleece was more beautiful in the last, and it was hard to decide just which ones would go home in the car with us. Our choices were made soon, however, as finally "just the right fleece" came before each spinner.

Nekked Sheeps
After the Shearing

We were all pretty tired when the shearer left, and glad to accept Sandra's gracious invitation to lunch. The sheep that were bereft of their fleece scampered off through the fields, except for two who hung around the barn hoping for a treat.

Relaxing in a beautiful place
Relaxing in a beautiful place

Our lunch appeared on the lovely front porch of the old homeplace, and new friends and old settled in to eat, talk and enjoy more music and the wonderful setting. The sun was warm and I got so sleepy, but all too soon we had to pack up our wooly treasures and head back toward our part of the mountains.

Camel sort of fellow
Another new discovery

On the way home we saw this fellow, out in a hilly, stony field with some horses and cattle. According to a fast web search he's a camel, although I wasn't sure because he was so wooly! He wouldn't come over to the fence, which was probably a good thing with three greedy spinners so close!

Pearl's Fleece
Pearl's Fleece

And of course I came home with wool! This gorgeous fleece came from Pearl, and I fell for the gorgeous luster and crimp. As I said, it was a hard decision; every fleece was gorgeous! Many thanks to Thistle Cove Farm for another fantastic Sheep Shearing Day!

On the way down and back we noticed sign after sign with prayers and thoughts for Virginia Tech. There were signs in front of churches, businesses, and even private homes. The outpouring of sympathy was touching, and made me think of the book I've been reading lately. "There was an end to weeping. Mourning, however, ebbed and surged but never ceased flowing." - The Autobiography of God by Julius Lester.

For more pictures of the Cove and Sheep Shearing Days, go here.

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