Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chilly Sunday

Blue, blue, blue and a little black
Jacob Wool Hand Spun Yarn

I got up early on this cold Easter morning and traveled across beautiful Floyd County to an old church building nestled under a high hill. Good people gathered together under a dawning sky, singing old hymns of hope and listening to the beautiful story all had heard before.

Then home to tend the animals in cold that is more annoying because of the promise of spring that was in the air just a few days ago. Daffodils are shriveled in the gardens, the velvet red of the quince turned papery brown. Even the pansies looked sad after the first day of cold, and I brought them inside for safety. The rabbits seem fine, although I don't enjoy the chores now nearly as much!

I finished spinning and plying the second bag of dyed Avillion FarmJacob wool that I bought from Elaina at SAFF. She called these two bags an experiment in dyeing, but I was quite pleased with the resulting yarn!

Fun little slip-stitch purse
Ribbon Yarn and a Slip-Stitch Purse

Yesterday I had some delightful company. Jane from Fiber on the Mountain and Linda of Goin' Up Cripple Creek came for a visit. We had a lot of fun taking pictures for the Chicken Soup project, sitting and knitting and gabbing away. A witness commented that we belonged in the Chicken Soup magazine; we were doing a good imitation of a flock of cackling hens!

Must go now; I just discovered Google Desktop and I really need to add some more gadgets!

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