Thursday, April 26, 2007

Around Greenberry House

Bunnies on the wall
Bunnies on the wall

Spring is finally making an effort and all day yesterday I saw beautiful blooms and smelled fresh grass mowed along the way. There's nothing better than wandering around Floyd, Patrick and Carroll Counties. No pictures from the drive, sorry, but I took some after I got home!

The bunny plaque I won at a Christmas party; my sister-in-law had taken it there hoping I'd get it. I never win anything, so I was astonished when the right number came up. Come to think of it, I won another plaque at a meeting the other night. I knew who had been president during the Depression. Maybe my luck is changing!

Green Fields
Green Meadows

Everything is suddenly green. Dandelions and violets are nestled in the growing grass and the dogs are romping around every morning in dew that soaks us all. The rabbits are getting some play-time outside, and I'm having to be careful about the sudden richness in greenery. Lots of dandelions, though, for treats!

Greenberry's Blueberry Bell
Greenberry's Blueberry Bell

And more pictures are on my web page. There are a few missing and I need to get them out into the sunshine for a photo op.

Just did a review of a wonderful book, The Autobiography of God by Julius Lester. Amazing and thought-provoking writer.

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