Friday, March 16, 2007

Winter Slipping Back In

Special Girl Time
Girl Time (Photo by David Bricker)

It has been a gorgeous week with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. I've been busy setting up the shop and shearing rabbits while the weather was warm enough, sure that this sudden spring was a trick of Mother Nature. Sure enough, cold temperatures are heading our way again, and we're enjoying a very, very rainy day today!

I've spent most of the winter here on the farm, with lots of spinning and crocheting time, and a few little trips to town with a special lady. I enjoy those "ladies' day out" adventures a lot but am usually quite content with my quiet days here. But sometimes it's a great boost to see like minded people, and I've had a wonderful week with some special Fiber Femmes!

New Shop Yarns
New Shop Yarns (Wild Iris Wool and Thistle Cove Farm)

Linda of Wild Iris Wool came by the shop this weekend to bring her fun yarns that reflect a lot of Linda's delightful personality. There are sparkles and shimmers and lots of energy in Wild Iris Wool yarn! We had a terrific visit catching up on all the news with Linda. While she was here we finished setting up the shop while she labeled her yarn. There's no nicer way to spend an afternoon!

Fiber on the Mountain Yarns
Fiber on the Mountain Yarns

Jane of Fiber on the Mountain came up on Tuesday, and I would love to just crawl onto the shelf with her beautiful soft yarns and wonderful colors! It was great to spend some time with Jane, who I met through my partner Sandra and liked immediately in the short time we spent together at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival. Jane is wonderfully creative, very down to earth and lives in a beautiful part of North Carolina not all that far away!

Sunshine in the beautiful Tazewell mountains
Working in the Sunshine (Photo by David Bricker)

Wednesday was a wonderful day, overcast at first but then sunny and warm. I tended the creatures and left early to travel across the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to Tazewell, to visit with friends David and Sandra and enjoy their hospitality and beautiful farm. I had a terrific time as we all discussed the future of Fiber Femmes. Dave had some terrific suggestions and insights and gave us a great deal to think about. We settled into the comfortable kitchen of the beautiful old farmhouse and talked and talked, then had a lovely lunch of homemade soup and cheese bread, followed by a special pie for dessert! (I heard later that the pie disappeared while we were busy outside, and a sad dog complained of tummy ache all afternoon!) The dogs romped around us and the cats purred nearby, making for a homey and easy atmosphere. Through the windows I could catch glimpses of the beautiful farm and mountains.

We finished our project, which involved lots of pictures by patient Dave and teetering on the sides of hills with spinning wheels. Sandra has enrolled us in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine Friendship Train, and it was a lot of fun getting together and doing fiber things while Dave snapped away at us with three cameras.

We enticed the sheep over to appear in the photos and a horse watched our antics curiously from a nearby field. Occasionally a cat got into the picture, and the dogs enjoyed roaming around and checking out all the activity. All too soon I had to head for home, leaving behind special friends but taking along special memories of a day well spent!

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