Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Sky...and Presents!

Saturday Sky
Snowy Saturday Morning in March

OK, so I know now that Mother Nature was only kidding with those gorgeous days early in the week. This morning the wind is howling and snow is blowing wildly across the fields. The wild birds were all huddled in the sweet shrub right outside the window early, waiting for me to bring out sunflower seeds and goodies! Water had to be hauled to the rabbits but otherwise they don't seem to be minding the cold, in spite of a few short coats!


When I was at Sandra's she showed me these gorgeous glasses she had found recently, and I supposed my eyes lit up too much because she graciously gave me these two. I absolutely adore them and am thinking to keep them here at the shop so that they will be safe from Dad, TJ and dust! How about y'all coming by one evening for a glass of wine?

And Maggie from Maggie's Farm sent the collection of wonderful scented soaps! I worked on her business web page for her and had admired the homemade bars, all nicely wrapped in beautiful quilt material. I guess my broad hint for lavender was taken! The scent is delightful and I'm going to really enjoy using these.

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