Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yarn Shop Hop

Starting to Snow
Snowy Day

I ventured away from the house yesterday and had a wonderful ramble through the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of yarn shops. There aren't very many in our area; there is a large one in Blacksburg but I didn't make it quite that direction. It was a cold, clear day and I traveled down the road listening to old rockers and enjoying the sunshine.

My first stop was in Radford, at a little yarn shop called Unraveled. It is really a yarn corner of a larger gift shop, Encore Artful Gifts. Nice setting, with two very nice young ladies in the shop, one behind the counter and one working on displays. The gift shop is a little modern for my backwoods taste but the yarn area was nicely arranged with cozy seating. I browse the yarns, which were the usual offerings from the larger suppliers with some interesting new imports. There was no one in the yarn area and I didn't see any indication of workshops, but the web site lists workshops and classes. I didn't see any spinning fiber, although that is mentioned on the web site, too.

A little further down the road I visited Fiber 4 Ewe, which is located not far off the Interstate in Max Meadows. The charm of this shop is partly the beautiful old house where it is located, at the back . I was warmly welcomed by the proprietors, who were busy giving aid and suggestions to knitters over socks and other projects. There was a nice selection of interesting yarns and tools and a pleasant atmosphere for a small shop.

The highlight of the day was meeting with Sandra, my Fiber Femmes partner, in Wytheville. After a very successful lunch meeting in which we exchanged gossip as well as business, we headed over to Batiks Etcetera and Sew What Fabrics, a neat, neat fabric shop that caters to quilters, also located in an interesting old house. I'm not a seamstress but there were colors to delight and textures to amaze everywhere, and tools, books and patterns!

Then last night it was back home to my cozy chair and spinning wheel, where I've almost finished the white merino/angora for a special order! I was sitting and spinning away in the late afternoon when I saw a little gray mouse creeping up the ivy that covers the outside of the window. He cautiously crossed over to the little birdfeeder attached to the wall between the windows, then Lily saw him and barked. The poor thing plummeted to the ground as she growled and leaped at the window!

This morning a rabbit was out, frolicing around the bunny house and daring me to catch her. I did, eventually, when she finally decided I had exercised enough!

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