Saturday, February 03, 2007

It looks a little like winter!

View from the window on a wintry day
Wintery Day on Thursday

We had just a tiny bit of snow but fortunately none of the ice that was predicted. But the temperatures are still below freezing and the wind is snapping around the twiggy branches in the yard. Little birds huddle in the quince bush every morning, and there is a wild chatter when I come out with the seed for them. The sun is bright and the air is startling and clear.

Wintery Day
The bunny barn

A few things to do for Fiber Femmes here today, then I'm heading home to a cup of hot tea and more spinning. The special order yarn is finished; just need to dye it and send samples to the customer. I have some merino/silk roving on the upright wheel and another color of the same roving on the drop spindle; trying to decide something exciting to do with the singles.

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