Thursday, February 15, 2007

After a long silence

Sullen sky and ice everywhere
Ice everywhere

It has been cold; not nearly as cold as elsewhere in the world right now but cold enough to discourage me from spending extra time on the computer. So I haven't been by to read my favorite blogs, which I miss greatly! The time I've been spending here in the ice box that is the shop, where the computer lives, has been all about building web pages.

But we finally had some winter weather on Tuesday, with meant power outages for just overnight here in Meadows of Dan but some people in the outlying areas of the community and Floyd County haven't had their power restored yet. Lots of tree limbs torn out of the trees and some inconvenience, but it really is pretty:

Rail fence ice
Rail fence near the store

Ice on the little apple tree
Ice coating the tree limbs, about 1/2 inch thick

Icy corner!
The back side of the house, with the sun reflecting weird on the camera (click on small pictures for larger version.)

But even though the computer has been resting, I've been keeping the spinning wheels spinning and the crochet hooks flying!

Roses, roses
Rose variegated yarn for a special order cape for a special lady!

blog 028
Dyed Purple Jacob locks hand spun into a fun novelty yarn. The tips were a bit matted and I just spun 'em on into the yarn for a nobby, interesting effect. I love the colors; the wool was dyed by Elaina of Avillion Farms.

Cranberry Hat and Scarf
Special Order Cranberry Hat and Scarf, crocheted from hand dyed, hand spun Shetland and pure angora yarn.

And of course the dogs are still:

Winter Day Cozy

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