Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter is Here!

Crocheted Hat and Scarf
Crocheted Hat and Scarf

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I keep thinking that things will slow down with the colder weather, but it seems there is always plenty to do. Walking with my friend in the morning under dusky skies with stars shining brittle in the cold air, tending rabbits in temperatures that make everything a little harder, settling in for spinning on a couple of special orders that require a good bit of yarn, playing with an energetic Lab to tire him out so he can take cozy naps with Lily on the couch, reading the wonderful books sent to me by my aunt and spending special time with other special people in my life. Throw in new plans for the business and some computer work to keep things going, and the winter is flying by as quickly as the summer!

Today it is so cold that I couldn't even take the water bottles back out to the rabbits; they're sipping from bowls and I have to take water down again a couple of times more throughout the day. Cyndy is right; if anyone ever does invent a really freezeless water bottle, they will make a fortune! The best course I've found so far is to have extra water bottles to keep in the house and swap them out through the day. This works most of the time, until we get a day like today, when the temperatures hover in the low 20s and the bottles freeze up immediately!

I've been spinning white angora blended with merino for a special order project; soft, soft, soft but kind of dull so there are no pictures. But in between spinning sessions, to brighten the day and rest my spinning arm, I crocheted up the hat and scarf above from the gorgeous yarn from the Yarn Snobs Swap. The pattern is called "Tennessee Hills" and is from The Little Box of Crocheted Hats and Scarves. The hat was a breeze to make; I crocheted a purple hat band from some left-over yarn for it. I made the scarf narrower and a bit longer than the pattern suggested. The colors are great in this set and match my favorite coat-sweater, which is unfortunately wearing out!

Yesterday we had snow flurries off and on all day, but today the sky is brilliant blue and the sun is shining. But a cold wind keeps temperatures down, and the wild birds are busy emptying the bird feeders. Thecats curl up on the back of the couch, idly watching and too cozy to care that sassy chickadees flutter scant inches away through the glass.

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