Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Drifting by like the lazy clouds I can see over the church, scattering in the cold breeze across a brilliant sky.

Full weekend with lots of cleaning up and figuring out how to manage space and dogs and cats. TJ has a new play space in my enclosed front porch and he loves it! We got him some toys; his favorite is a big cheap basketball that he can chase and toss without tearing it to pieces. We had a fine romp out there yesterday afternoon, with Lily barking her head off to add to the uproar! TJ is calmer when he comes in after being able to play so hard; he tucks onto the couch with Lily and naps, or chews on his toy quietly on the rug. Good boy!

I've been trying to figure out how to spin with the lovely Romanian spindle Sandra gave me from her trip this summer. So far my success has been limited; I may have to seek some instruction. I haven't worked much with a drop spindle, preferring a supported one with my angora. But I want to learn to use this one; it's too nice to just leave laying around as a decoration. If I get anything done with it I'll post pictures!

Speaking of pictures, go over and visit The Yarn Museum. This is a gorgeous site, "honoring the artistry and beauty of handspun yarn." There's an article that explains the purpose and founding of the site on Fiber Femmes and it's a great idea. I have a couple of skeins there!

And I finished a wonderful book that my aunt gave me; there's a review here.

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