Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky
Cold Saturday Sky

My Saturday skies are kind of boring; all blue, blue, blue. Today is cold and windy; the bunny water bottles are frozen and the rabbits that were sheared this week have extra hay in nest boxes to huddle inside if they get cold!

Keeping water to animals in the winter is the hardest thing to deal with; today if it doesn't warm up I'll have to haul water down and put it in bowls. I don't like doing this because they spill it and I worry that they don't get enough. Fortunately we rarely have more than a day or two of really cold weather, and I'm usually able to put the bottles back in for most of the time.

The birds are now flocking to the feeders and this morning a sassy blue jay was lording over the favorite feeder while the smaller birds nipped in and out around him. A glorious cardinal brightens the gray branches of the apple tree.

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