Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I LOVE Charleston!

Another wonderful house, Charleston, SC
Beautiful house in downtown Charleston, SC

Our annual trip across North and South Carolina to wonderful Charleston was a success and also lots of fun. I always enjoy the trip, leaving behind January weather in the country to enjoy warm sunshine and sea breezes in this lovely old city. We spend most of our time in the historic downtown districts and I could spend days just walking around looking at the houses and little details of ironwork, stone and garden.

Ironwork, Charleston, SC
Lovely old fence, Charleston

If I ever wanted to live in a city it would be downtown Charleston. The people are friendly and indulgent to wide-eyed tourists that wander their elegant streets, camera in hand. Every house is a treasure, and there are so many private nooks that you can just catch enticing glimpses of from the street. Old houses surrounded by trees and quiet gardens, very little traffic (at least when we were there) and wonderful shops and restaurants nearby, cozy little houses that I might just be able to afford a corner of someday make Charleston seem like a wonderful place to live. At least in the winter!

Quiet Nook, Charleston, SC
Quiet nook in Charleston

The show was very successful, at least for us in our lofty balcony. I spent the entire weekend indulging in a crochet project for myself. I couldn't take the spinning wheel to work on the special orders and wanted something I could just pick up and do without having to figure and mess around with. So I took a pattern and some yarn, the first pattern I've worked by for ages. More on that later today or tomorrow on the Fiber Femmes blog.

Spinning in public
Spinning in public

Due to the inspiration of two terrific articles in Fiber Femmes this issue about spindling, I made up my mind that I was going to learn how to use a drop spindle. Years ago I did play around with one, with dog hair and a homemade affair that was just a potato and a pencil. I managed to make Samoyed yarn, but when I started working with spinning wheels, I never went back to the drop spindle. I love using a supported spindle for my angora and have a couple that I work with frequently. Sandra gave me a Romanian drop spindle when she came back from her trip this summer, but I haven't been able to figure out how to make it work yet. So I found a little spindle I picked up somewhere. I think it's supposed to be a supported spindle for cotton but I was able to spin yarn with it as a drop spindle. Thanks to Jeanette for a great article! I had the SO take a picture of me with the spindle to prove that I could do it at last!

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