Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Lily at the Store
Lily's Waiting

Rather belated good wishes for the new year to everyone! I've been up to here with the new issue of Fiber Femmes, and have done very little else since Thursday except work on that. It's a terrific issue; Sandra has recruited some excellent writers that did a splendid job on articles ranging from festivals in Australia to really good pieces about spinning techniques. I did some minor modifications that took a great deal of time, hoping to make the magazine more useful and fun!

Cold this morning; my young friend and I had a very frosty walk. I brought Lily here to the store with me, and soon we need to go back and tend to the rabbits. Too cold at our normal time; the water bottles would just freeze back up again. I'm planning to clean the kitchen today; it has reached a state of clutter that even a hillbilly can't tolerate.

My other minor accomplishments this past week were getting some more pieces on eBay to sell; the first lot went really well. I'm trying to move out some art magazines; they're old and fragile and I want to get them sold before something happens to them. I also did a short review of a book I just finished, started reading two more and finished filling a bobbin of an angora/merino blend while showing Sally about plying. I ran out of yarn for the shell stitch cape I was working on (rats) so I started crocheting a purse last night. I want to write up the pattern for Fiber Femmes; so I'm having to go slow to pay attention.

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