Friday, December 15, 2006

Yesterday's Frost

Mist on the frosty fields
Mist over the frosted fields

I walked with the dogs yesterday morning over crisp fields as the mist rose lazily from the creek and pond. The air was clear and tasted fresh, so still it didn't feel cold until we neared the creek, where the chill clung along the edges of the quiet stream.

Frosty morning
Every leaf has a lacy edge

After the quiet walks with the dogs, the day began with chattering birds, flocking to the feeders and demanding that they be filled, while the neat gray tabby waited by his food bowl for his turn. Then the rabbits feasted on hay and apple, while I filled water bottles, thankful once again that they hadn't frozen through the night. I heard later in the day that, although my morning was peaceful, that several people had trouble with icy roads in the early hours.

Reluctant model
Reluctant Model

I'm still spinning silk caps; I really enjoyed plying the silk with the blue fine wool singles I did last summer. But when I take a break from spinning I work on this little cape that I started a couple of weeks ago. It's my design but this time I'm making it from Brooks Farm Four Play yarn. I wasn't sure I was going to like the shell stitch in this variegated yarn at first.

In progress crocheted cape
Crocheted cape-in progress

Not bad, though! I've found that with just the right stitch patterns the colors from Brooks Farm really stand out!

New kid in town, Deuteronomy

Things haven't been quite as peaceful here as usual. I've been without a cozy cat for inside the house for awhile, so a call to the local pound introduced me to this fine fellow earlier in the week. He's named partly for a character in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and partly because of the serendipity of the subject of the book I'm reading at present, Surpassing Wonder by Donald Harman Akenson. The book is about Judiasm, Christianity and the development of scripture. Lily considers cats a lower life form (she considers almost everything a lower life form) but it's hard to ignore a cat that wants lots of attention from Mama. So there have been a few minor altercations. Tj would love to play but Deuteronomy thinks playing with a dog is beneath contempt. They will work it all out, eventually. But in the meantime it's almost as entertaining around here as the standoff over at Hillbilly, Please recently.

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