Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Yarns on an old Christmas tree
Yarning Around the Christmas Tree

This is the first year since about 1994 that I've decorated anything for Christmas. Not that I'm against the holidays; I guess I'm just a bit lazy this time of year, after the busy selling season. But now that we have the store I put up a few lights and a little Christmas tree. I took some etsy pictures of the yarns draped on the tree, and it's given me an idea about decorations for the yarn shop next year!

Warmer weather with rain this morning, but now it looks to be clearing. It's nice not to have to thaw out water for the rabbits every day. With the warmer weather a few rabbits need shearing, and I'm looking forward to some pleasant afternoons harvesting some gorgeous wool from the patient creatures. Since I know that this warm spell won't last, I'll be doing some extra things to make sure the sheared rabbits stay comfortable if another chill strikes. Extra hay in the cages and leaving a bit of wool on the rabbit helps them stay comfortable. I've never had to go so far as to put a coat on one, but I have some old sweaters put aside, just in case it's necessary!

I found this Library Thing on someone's blog awhile back; sorry for not remembering who had it in their sidebar. I really do resist a lot of stuff to clutter the sidebar, but I had to put in the gizmo that shows books from my Library Thing catalog. This is my personal library; the books that are for sale are still on the web site and in my Biblio shop.

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