Monday, December 18, 2006

It's Monday; Time to Catch Up!

Christmas Wreath
Holidays are a-comin'

Strangely nice weather here the last few days, with warm days and crisp nights. A breeze springs up after the still of early morning most days that carries a hint of the chill that should be.

Quiet days, but we've had a bit of fun here and there. I walked with my young friend on Thursday afternoon, and we decided to run to a local restaurant for dinner. On the way we saw a strange sight in the sky, and later I found out that it was the space shuttle. That was really cool, although at the time we debated as to its being a shooting star. It looked like a large, very fast airplane hurling straight across the sky, but then it suddenly disappeared. Awesome!

On Saturday we gathered at a dear friend's house to celebrate the Winter Solstice, with friendship and a little candle-lighting ceremony. Unusually warm weather allowed for sitting outside around the fire and a hayride; then there was music by a very talented harpist and dulcimer player. Lovely.

The weekend at the shop was quiet, although some friends popped in for visits. We had fun talking about how things are going in the area and the trials and tribulations of making a living in a rural setting. I don't think any of us would trade it, though. I spent most of the weekend putting books and yarn up on the Internet for sale; it may be a long winter!

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