Friday, December 01, 2006

Howling Winds and Cozy Days

Yarn, yarn, yarn!
Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

I awoke last night to howling winds that battered the eaves and tore at the trees. Lily snuggled closer as the windows rattled and rain lashed the windows. It made for a cozy time to pick up a nearby book and read awhile, wrapped in my shawl and listening to the moans of the wind.

Corriedale, mostly, and mohair
Hand Dyed Brown Corriedale Handspun Yarn

It has been a busy week here; I'm getting ready for a craft show in nearby Carroll County and wanted some more yarn to sell. So I got busy and spun up all those singles, and dyed the brown Corriedale in both subtle and bright hues. The brown undertones really changed the hues of the acid dyes; I really like the colors that came out. I left some of the brown yarn undyed in the lighter skeins. The navy blue skeins are two ply: one ply is angora and one ply is fine wool. A lovely local lady gave me the fine wool and I dyed the angora 'in the wool' to match it. The purpley skeins are hand spun from mohair roving.

Hand Painted Handspun Corriedale Yarn
Hand Painted Handspun Corriedale Yarn

A bit of excitement here at the shop this morning. I had to walk up to get the truck and wound up getting soaked when the rains started; then when I got here the back door, which goes to another section of the building, was standing wide open. I ran, in the rain, to get the landlord but they're not home. I couldn't tell what had happened so I called the sheriff's office, and they sent a nice young deputy who reassured me that the wind had probably done the damage and helped me prop the door closed until we can get it repaired. We both got soaked again, poor fellow! Now I'm cozy in front of the heater, watching the wind blow the rain in wild sheets across the church lawn.

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Anonymous said...

Leslie, I am overwhelmed at the feelings these wonderful colors cause in me. I have never been so stricken by any thing like this that was not made by God's hand. They remind me of a fall hillside with it's leaves all turning. If I could knit I would have to have these for a shawl. Whoever buys these will be a very fortunate person. HUGS!!