Friday, December 22, 2006

And the Fog Rolls In

It's a typical early winter day, with the wind ripping at the Christmas lights and rain pouring down. I'm sitting in the window, watching the fog drift across the church yard as it obscures the bare trees on the hill. Nice that it's cheerful and warm in the shop, with Christmas music and colored lights.

Busy week, shearing bunnies and working on web stuff. As some of you have noticed, I've been playing with the blog template again. I really enjoyed setting up this one, especially the top menu that meant I could reduce the clutter in the sidebar. It seems that no matter what I do, things seem to pile up. The blog is certainly a reflection of the way things are at home! This template, from TemplatePanic, was pretty easy to modify and seems to work nicely with Blogger in the new incarnation.

The dogs were inside all day yesterday because of the wet weather. They played nicely while I spun silk and sheared a couple of gorgeous does, then TJ went to sleep on the couch while Lily curled up at my feet. The sudden silence brought out the cat, and he came peering around curiously in the sitting room. The quieter they slept the braver he got, and he was standing by the couch, stretching his neck to look at TJ, when TJ suddenly opened his eyes. There was a spit and a clatter and the cat vanished, while the dogs leaped up barking, trying to figure out what on earth had happened!

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