Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Little Bit of Plying...

Pure Angora Handspun Yarn
Pure Angora Two Ply Handspun Yarn

This was a special order; I carded the fiber by hand before I spun it up. I don't do much carding, but this went faster than I expected. I had planned to go up north today and deliver this, but the weather was terrible yesterday: rain, sleet, flooding, wind and whatever else November could think to throw at us. The power was out for hours; we finally went to bed early after the last episode of darkness. I kept TJ in the house with me all day because of the weather. He was good but it was really hard on him! Lily liked curling up by my feet on the tartan blanket I had draped over my lap while I was spinning.

Sunshine today, with puddles and mud everywhere as reminders of the day before. The wind is still brisk and folks are passing by on their way to moms and grandmothers' houses for dinner!

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