Friday, November 17, 2006

Fiber Friday

Corriedale Singles
Hand Spun Corriedale Singles

I've been doing a lot of spinning for demonstrations, so I'm getting quite a collection of singles. These are Corriedale, from roving that I had processed from a Rising Meadow Farm fleece. The color on my monitor is terrible; gray rather than the soft browns of the single. I'm thinking of over-dyeing the yarn, although I like the browns. What I have of this in natural colored yarn hasn't been selling and I'd like to experiment with it.

Singles from various demonstrations
Different Fibers and Singles

While I was at the Folk Festival, I blended merino with angora on my hand cards to show people how the process was done. So I wound up with several balls of white merino/angora blend from spinning on the Reeves wheel. Then I bought the little upright wheel, and picked up some mohair roving at SAFF. That's the pink and blue looking singles in the basket, along with a pure angora single in blue that is part of a special order I'm working on. When I get all the blue angora spun up, I'll set up the Reeves for plying and get all of these singles taken care of!

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Cathy said...

Definitely gives me spinning fever. No. I must flick it all first.